Hồ sơ năng lực


KSMC is well-known as a leader in supplying high-quality machinery, equipment, consumables, spare parts and excellent
technical services in Viet Nam.

We provide and satisfy customers’ demand with the best service and price.

High technical products and services that KSMC provides such as:
  Industrial and civil filter device
  Automatic equipment (senser, PLC, ionizer…)
  Industrial vision (camera, lens, lighting…)
  Anti-rust paper
  Industrial robot
  Optical equipment
  Soldering machine and material
  Laser marking, cutting and welding
  Hydraulic equipment
  Measuring tools
  The best sales and after services in 48 hours

KSMC is authorized distributor/ dealer that provides provides products and aftersales services for many famous brand in Viet Nam market.

  + PANASONIC (Sunx) (Industrial Devices Automation Controls)
  + JNC Filter Co., Ltd. (Industrial and civil filter device)
  + HAKKO Corporation (Soldering industry)
  + ADCOAT CO., LTD. (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Treated Paper)
 + RKC INSTRUMENT INC. (Temperature control equipment/ Control systems for semiconductor manufacturing)
 + Kyowa Electronic Instruments Co., Ltd.(Industrial instrumentation devices in the fields of industrial equipments)
 + OSAWA CO., LTD. (Wonder-Gunm/ Silent-Cleaner)
 + VS Technology (Machine vision optics (lighting, lens)
  + Nippon Avionics Co.,Ltd.(Data processing equipment, aviation equipment, image processing equipment)
  + Sumitomo Precision Products Co., Ltd. (Hydraulic Controls + Coolant products)
  + REGAL JOINT CO., LTD. (Fluid equipment and fittings)
  + Robostar Co., Ltd. (Industrial robot)
  + THM Co., Ltd. (Laser welding machine)
  + IMADA Co., Ltd. (Push pull scales (force gauges), force measurement)
  + Shibaura Machine CO., LTD (Toshiba) (Industrial robot)
 + Carton Optical Industries., LTD (Optical goods such as microscopes, and ophthalmic instruments)
 + Nordson DAGE (Bondtester, X-ray Inspection and X-ray Component)
 + Sinanen Zeomic Co., Ltd. ( Silver-base inorganic antimicrobial agent commercialized)
  + Dyfenco International Co., Ltd. ( Solder Paste, Solder Wire, Solder Bar, Flux, Adhesive, Tin Anode, Preform)
 + San-S Industry Co., Ltd. (Micro separator (magnet filter)