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Giá: Liên hệ
Lead-free-solder compatible and compact knob type soldering pot provides quick start-up and easy replacement.
Compatible with lead-free solder
 ·High-temperature specifications with a maximum temperature of 450 °C (when using 50mm x 50mm soldering pot)
Quick start-up to set temperature
 ·Start-up time is reduced by 10 minutes or more compared to conventional analog soldering pot (HAKKO 96).
Temperature comparison between HAKKO FX-300 and conventional model (HAKKO 96)
Temperature is adjustable even during work.
 ·Temperature can be adjusted by just turning a knob.
Easy pot replacement
 ·Pot is easily replaced by just loosening a screw.
The pot can be easily replaced by just loosening a screw. One unit can be used for various applications by changing pots for each solder type or by using pots of different sizes (50mm x 50mm or 75mm x 75mm square).
* For your safety, be sure to wait for solder to completely cool down before replacing the pot.
  Easy pot replacement
* Click to enlarge
Easy pot replacement
* Click to enlarge
If a digital soldering pot is required, see the HAKKO FX-301B.


Special Coating Solder Pot:

The special coating is for getting a long life by preventing the corrosion of the solder pot. We confirmed that the special coating solder pot had five times longer life than the standard one by our anti-corrosion test. It effects on both lead-free solder and solder with lead (eutectic).
*Because the anti-corrosion test was done by our way, longevity of solder pot may be different according to the usage condition.
Standard solder pot
Standard solder pot
Special solder pot
Special solder pot
Last Updated: Thứ tư, 04 Tháng tám 2021 15:00