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2D code quality verifying functionNEW

2D code quality verifying function based on ISO/IEC15415, enables the unit to grade the quality of the 2D codes.

Symbol Contrast
Fixed Pattern Damage
Grid Non-uniformity
Axial Non-uniformity
Unused Error Code

Oil-resistant construction (IP67G*2) allows for peace-of-mind even in oily conditions.

Out of consideration for actual usage environments, we have created the industry's first oil-resistant construction (IP67G*2) to allow peace-of-mind when using even with gloves covered in machine oil or detergent.

200mm Long Range.

A 200mm long range lens (ANPD060-25) is fitted out of consideration for the attachment locations possible with industrial equipment.

Control of Lighting Possible

Control of lighting sections.
Allows for stable reading regardless of variations in background, reflective properties and material quality of the marked object.


Dual lighting (PD65 only)
Reading under the optimum lighting conditions is made possible by the automatic light switching function, which switches between 2 lighting patterns to allow greater improvement of the accuracy of reading of direct marking.

Double Signal Notification (PD65 only)

Whether reading is possible or not can be confirmed visually during operation.

Ready to Read…Green Light + Buzzer
Read Not Possible…Orange Light

Improved Reading Accuracy

Development of original algorithm with image processing technology cultivated over 20 years by Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX.
We have greatly improved the accuracy of reading direct marking on metal, which is highly problematic for automatic reading, and greatly improved the image detection abilities with image correction using our new preprocessing functions and a new library.


Real-time Image Storage

Realization of traceability. Images with read errors (or all images) can be stored in the main unit.
In addition, using the free utility tool PDTOOL, images can be transferred to a PC and stored in specified folders in real time.

Construction with Emphasis on Maintenance

Just in case some problem occurs with the product, the controller part and cable part are connected with an oil-resistant connector, allowing the controller part to be replaced immediately. This practical construction eliminates the need for troublesome cable tracing and re-laying and allows priority to be given to restoring the work environment.

Dedicated Software Tool "PDTOOL" for Easy Setup

The software tool "PDTOOL" has been enhanced to allow settings to be made easily even with the more advanced functions.
PDTOOL can be downloaded free-of-charge from our Web site.

Further Improvement of Decoding Capabilities with Pre-Processing Functions

In pre-processing, various original algorithms are applied to images of difficult-to-read 2D codes to improve their readability.
In the past, read accuracy was improved for stamp errors (stained, chipped, tilted, flipped or black/white reversed codes) on hard-to-read metal surfaces.


Guide light red LED enables easy fitting and installation

Two red-LED guide lights allow quick installation of the unit in the optimum position.

Last Updated: Friday, 18 June 2021 21:49