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Air Flow Monitor EWA1

Price: Liên hệ

Resistant to oil mist and maintenance-free!

Since the ultrasonic type Air Flow Monitor does not have any obstructions in the detection pipe, it does not need mist separators or other filters. By not requiring filter maintenance or replacement, you can reduce operation costs and maintenance time. Also, factory air containing oil mist can also be correctly monitored due to its unique and durable design, thus ensuring long life and high reliability.

Ultrasonic detection system

Ultrasonic sensors installed at the inlet and outlet sides detect the flow rate of the air based on the difference in the ultrasonic propagation time between the two sensors. The volumetric flow rate is then calculated based on the crosssectional area of the monitor pipe and the detected flow rate.

■Normal value conversion function
This monitor indicates the air consumption, pressure and temperature under normal conditions as obtained by using a normal value conversion function. You don’t have to separately install a pressure gauge or thermometer.

Ultrasonic detection system

Usable in loop pipes

Direct and reverse flow can be measured and output.


Zero energy losses

There are no obstructions within the measurement pipe due to the ultarasonic detection system, thus causing zero pressure losses.

Zero energy losses

A variety of output functions

A number of output options are available such as pulse output, upper and lower limit alarm, and 4 to 20 mA analog current output.


High accuracy flow rate measurement

The R.S. (reading scale) accuracy is the accuracy applicable to all readings in the flow rate range.
Therefore, flow rates even in the low flow rate range can be read with high accuracy.


Connection to Eco-POWER METER enhances the effects of energy-saving measures.


Use in combination with the Eco-POWER METER and KW Watcher to visualize the all aspects of energy usage in one place.
1. Connect the pulse output of Air Flow Monitor to Eco-POWER METER.
2. Display graphs of electricity, temperature, air usage and other data as collected by the 、Data Logger Light using the KW Watcher PC software. This helps to analyze the electricity and air usage of different buildings/areas from multiple points of view.
● The pulse output 2 of the Air Flow Monitor can be used to output upper and lower limit alarms, allowing for early detection of problems.

● What is an Eco-POWER METER?
An Eco-POWER METER is a simple and compact power meter which facilitates power consumption management of industrial machines and equipment.

● What is the KW Watcher?
The KW Watcher is a PC based software package for retrieving and displaying data log files from the Panasonic Web Datalogger Unit or Data Logger Light.
This software can be downloaded* free of charge from our website.
*Registration is required.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 04 August 2021 16:21