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CO2 Laser Marker LP-400

Price: Liên hệ

High-speed marking at 700 cps

Adopting a high-speed galvanoscanner and the advanced technology necessary to realize high-speed marking makes it possible to mark on products that are moving rapidly. The LP-430 that can mark 700 characters per second reduces tact time, leading to more than twice the productivity of previous models.

High-speed marking at 700 cps

Clear marking and high-quality processing

Stability of laser output
With a laser output stability of within ± 3 % (typ.)*, 10.6 μm 0.417 mil wavelength models work well in applications ranging from marking thin films and other tricky substrates to processing tasks such as removing insulation from cables.

Clear marking and high-quality processing

New development, short-warelength laser

Clear marking
Well-matched to the heat absorption characteristics of plastics, the 9.3 μm 0.366 mil wavelength laser allows marking on plastic surfaces by melting the surface layer without creating excessively deep marking and limiting damage to the substrate. This capability rectifies issues with the previous models where deep marking would create pinholes or otherwise make marking output difficult to read.

New development, short-warelength laser

High-quality processing
Short-wavelength laser radiation is readily absorbed by plastics, allowing the creation of sharp edges and increasing dimensional accuracy.

High-quality processing

RSS (GS1 DataBar) code support

The LP-400 series supports RSS (GS1 DataBar) and Composite codes, allowing product codes and other information to be output in a space-efficient manner on small medical products such as ampoules and vials. Both normal and reversed (white on a black background) marking modes are supported.

GS1 DataBar marking

Freedom of installation

Space-saving design (tower head models)
At 175 x 230 mm 6.9 x 9.1 in, the tower head is smaller than a B5 sheet of paper. Tower head models require less space for installation and can be integrated into existing production line space.

Freedom of installation

Rotating head design (standard models)
A unique head design that rotates freely through 350° allows the laser marker to be installed even in a vertical orientation. Flexible installation options make it easy to fit the system into a variety of production environments.

Rotating head design (standard models)

A full line-up
A full line-up meets the needs of diversified production lines. Two types of laser wavelengths are available for tower head models and standard models. In addition, it is possible to select areas of 55 x 55 mm 2.2 x 2.2 in to 160 x 160 mm 6.3 x 6.3 in due to the three types of marking areas.

A full line-up

Easily set by using a computer with the "Laser Marker NAVI" software

The LP-400 series come standard with application software for easily configuring print data. Marking layout can be easily performed as desired with intuitive and simple mouse operations. Moreover, batch control of multiple laser markers is possible using one computer. This significantly contributes to increased work efficiency.

Easily set by using a computer with the

Laser Marker NAVI included softwares

Laser Marker NAVI included softwares

Extraordinarily easy to use color LCD equipped console [LP-ADP40 (optional)]

A color touch panel designed for maximum ease of use and viewing provides stress-free operation by displaying marking data and settings immediately.

Extraordinarily easy to use color LCD equipped console LP-ADP40 (optional)

The LP-400 series laser markers can be operated using a commercially-available monitor and mouse instead of console as equipped with the VGA connector and mouse connector.

Extraordinarily easy to use color LCD equipped console LP-ADP40 (optional)

Convenient features meet a variety of needs

■ USB connectors

The ability to store system settings on standard USB memory sticks lets you backup marking settings or copy the same set of settings to multiple laser markers, delivering improved ease of use compared to the floppy disk drive used by previous models.
(The system also supports USB-connected floppy disk drives.)

* Customers are encouraged to verify proper operation of system components in advance when using off-the-shelf hardware.

USB connectors

■ Easy marking of Adobe® Illustrator® data

Data created by Adobe® Illustrator® can be converted into marking data by "ExportVec", which is a standard-included software. Logos or marks can be easily marked while staying true to the original Adobe® Illustrator® graphic images.

■Easy marking of Adobe® Illustrator® data
Last Updated: Friday, 18 June 2021 20:41