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Square Head Fiber

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Oil resistant fibers

・The fiber ber core will not harden or break, even in environments where oil is present.


tough FT-R60Y (Thru-beam type)

Full-protection type

High environmental resistance
The head, nut, and washer are made from rust-resistant SUS304. The unbreakable tough fiber with high durability is covered in a fluorine resin tube. The fiber head is also covered with a fluorine resin component, achieving a high level of environmental resistance.

Less susceptibility to oil adhesion thanks to fluorine resin
Fibers deliver stable detection, since the sensing part is sealed with fluorine resin, which does not allow oil penetration. Additionally, the detection part features a convex design made of fluorine resin, achieving lower friction than glass.

Resistant to oil and coolant

Resistant to oil and coolant
The fiber head and fiber cable are connected by the “fastening and caulking” method without using adhesives. This method eliminates concerns that adhesives will absorb moisture in high-humidity environments and damage the fiber. The enclosure achieves IP68G protection, so the fiber can be installed around metal processing machines shrouded in the oil mist.

Test oilProduct
Lubricating oil Velocite Oil No. 3
Non-water-soluble cutting oil Yushiron Cut Abas KZ201
Yushiron Cut UH75
Water-soluble cutting oil Syntilo 9954 (10% diluted)
Yushiroken S50N (2% diluted)
Alcohol-based neutral detergent Super Teepol

*Yushiron and Yushiroken are registered trademarks of Yushiro Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.


tough FT-R44Y (Thru-beam type) / FD-R61Y (Reflective type)

Cable-protection type
Even stronger than tough fiber

Even stronger than tough fiber
The tough fiber has been reinforced by covering it with a fluorine resin tube so that it can be used even in harsh environments where oils and solvents are used. The fiber cable will not harden or break, even if it is splashed with oil.

Protective structure IP67
The head, nut, and washer are made from rust-resistant SUS304.

Compact, space-saving

Fiber can be installed at a minimum pitch of M3: 6.5 mm 0.256 in or M4: 8.5 mm 0.335 in using needle-nose pliers.

Compact, space-saving

Introducing square R1 mm (R0.039 in) (sharp bending) fiber

We now offer a sharp bending fiber featuring a low level of light fluctuations, even when bent at R1 mm R0.039 in. It is also available with a lens capable of long-range sensing.

FT-R42W (With lens)
・Resistant to dust and particulate matter.
・Tip dimensions can be shortened.

Compact installation

Square head fiber heads can be installed cleanly on the side of a conveyor belt. 
The design makes it less likely for tools and other objects to catch on the fiber cable during installation.

Compact installation

Use for long-range sensing (With thru-beam type fiber) or spot detection (With reflective type fiber) by attaching a lens

Thru-beam type fibers
Sensing range
(mm in)
(Note 1)
[Lens on both sides]
Beam axis dia.
(mm in)
LensApplicable fiber
DesignationModel No.Model No.
3,600 141.732
(Note 2)
ø3.6 ø0.142 Expansion lens FX-LE1 FT-R43
ø9.8 ø0.386 Super-expansion lens FX-LE2
950 37.402 ø2.8 ø0.110 Side-view lens FX-SV1


1) The sensing ranges are the values when used in combination with an FX-500 series amplifier (in STD mode).
2) The fiber cable length practically limits the sensing range.
Reflective type fibers
Last Updated: Friday, 25 September 2020 14:24